by John Newman


The Bishop of Galway, Martin Drennan, has issued a strongly worded statement regarding the decision of the SVP Conference in Galway, to provide €45,000 of funding to an LGBT resource centre. Responding to concerns expressed by Catholic Voice editor, Anthony Murphy, the bishop wrote:


Thanks for your concern. I have already written to the local and national office of SVP. It gives them an opportunity to clarify their position. In the eyes of many Catholics the good name of SVP has been called into question. For myself, I’m at a loss in my efforts to understand their decision. SVP does marvelous work, but their image will suffer badly if they cannot rescue themselves from the present debacle where loyal supporters are saying that they will no longer give donations to SVP. These generous people want their money to go to helping the poor and only to that cause. They do not want to support what they regard as immoral activity. They are right.