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 Following today’s case Bernadette Smyth says, “I’m not going away! Even if you tell lies about me, slander my name, or take me to court, I will still defend the unborn.” Commenting on the verdict, Solicitor Aiden Carlin said: "The pro-life movement worldwide will be disappointed at this decision which we are planning to Appeal to the County Court. Bernadette Smyth and Precious Life have been assaulted, insulted and falsely accused for simply defending the rights of mothers and their unborn children to choose life. This court case was a ploy to deter Precious Life and to curtail their rights under Articles 9, 10 and 11 of the European Convention. The pro-life movement and their legal representatives will not been silenced."

BpAthanasiusSchneiderThe Church and the world do urgently need intrepid and candid witnesses of the whole truth of the commandment and of the will of God, of the whole truth of Christ’s words on marriage. Modern clerical Pharisees and Scribes, those bishops and cardinals who throw grains of incense to the neo-pagan idols of gender ideology and concubinage, will not convince anyone to either believe in Christ or to be ready to offer their lives for Christ - said + Athanasius Schneider Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana, Kazakhstan in interview with Izabella Parowicz.

Deacon Nick Donnelly


Looking at the censorship of the bishops’ interventions during the Synod the bulletins issued by the Holy See’s Press Office which favour dissenting novelty, and, the travesty of Faith contained in the interim Relatio post disceptationem searching questions have to be asked. Has the Extraordinary Synod ‘by fitting means’ striven diligently to ‘inquire properly into that revelation and ‘given apt expression to its contents?

If it is confirmed that officials have manipulated the Extraordinary Synod then it's integrity and authority are in grave doubt. 

The Reverend Nicholas L. Gregoris, S.T.D.


Having lived in Rome for nearly a decade as a seminarian and a student priest, I had numerous opportunities to participate in momentous occasions from the promulgation of papal decrees, to canonizations, to a papal funeral, to the vast array of activities associated with the Great Jubilee of 2000.  This month I returned to take advantage of the unique opportunity to cover the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, providing theological expertise to various journalists.  What follows arises from interaction I had with secular and Catholic reporters, inquiries coming from the curious and confused through telephone and email, and observations from clergy and laity with whom I rubbed elbows during the first two weeks of October.

by Deacon Nick Donnelly

synodIf you hear or read a bishop at the Synod attempting to justify changing the Church’s doctrine on the indissolubility of marriage you will know that they are setting themselves against the teaching of the Catholic Church. As such, it is our duty not to obey.

The question uppermost in my mind as the Extraordinary Synod on the Family begins is how will faithful Catholics respond to those bishops who are openly seeking to undermine the Church’s teaching?

Many of us are deeply concerned about the presence of cardinals and bishops at the Synod who intend to fudge doctrine on the indissolubility of Marriage and overturn the prohibition on divorced and re-married couples receiving Holy Communion.


By Deacon Nick Donnelly


popesynodThe day after the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, the faithful woke up and groaned to find the Catholic Church in disarray. Familiar certainties about Rome, popes, and cardinals had been swept away. Among faithful Catholics there is a sense of numb disbelief over the attempted casual and brutal changes to the doctrine of the Faith in the name of pastoral care. There is also grief and anger at the destruction of so much good that was achieved over the last 35 years by Pope St John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

by John Newman


The Bishop of Galway, Martin Drennan, has issued a strongly worded statement regarding the decision of the SVP Conference in Galway, to provide €45,000 of funding to an LGBT resource centre. Responding to concerns expressed by Catholic Voice editor, Anthony Murphy, the bishop wrote:


Thanks for your concern. I have already written to the local and national office of SVP. It gives them an opportunity to clarify their position. In the eyes of many Catholics the good name of SVP has been called into question. For myself, I’m at a loss in my efforts to understand their decision. SVP does marvelous work, but their image will suffer badly if they cannot rescue themselves from the present debacle where loyal supporters are saying that they will no longer give donations to SVP. These generous people want their money to go to helping the poor and only to that cause. They do not want to support what they regard as immoral activity. They are right.




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