The conference will be held in Knock October 25-26th with a great line up of speakers details can be found here - the closing Mass will be celebrated by Most Rev. Philip Boyce, Bishop of Raphoe and more speakers will be announced soon. Details of how to order tickets can be found on the pdf and will be available online soon.

by Deacon Nick Donnelly

kasper med-2In light of the fact that many of us have grown up in the ‘spirit of Vatican II’ Church infiltrated at the local level by the dissenters and disobedient, how do we know that we remain true Catholics in true communion? And how do we spot these closet schismatics?

I’m sure many readers of the Catholic Voice share my concern and grief over the broken communion of the Church in our families, parishes, dioceses, and national churches. It is not an exaggeration to admit that for the past fifty years the Church has increasingly been divided by an unacknowledged, but very real, ‘schism’.

by Anthony Ozimic

A poll of American Christians has found that gay marriage is a litmus test of what individual Christians believe on other sexual practices. 

The British public were shocked recently to learn that at least 1,400 vulnerable children were abused in the northern English town of Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, mostly by gangs of Pakistani Muslims. An independent inquiry has found that the origin and extent of the abuse was covered up by a range of public authorities, partly because of fear of being racist or Islamophobic. Braver voices have identified factors within Pakistani culture and Islam which at the very least contributed to the scandal.

by Anthony Ozimic

A French bishop is recruiting future pro-life priests from the Americas in order to “re-evangelize Europe.” A new house of formation, named after St Alberto Hurtado, has been established in the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon.

by Deacon Nick Donnelly

wolfOver the past three months we have witnessed the convergence of two modern manifestations of Antichrist - the murderous hatred of Islamist terrorists against Christians and the implacable  indifference of secularist governments and media concerning the persecution and slaughter of Christians. The perpetrators remain nameless and the religious inspiration of their depraved acts remains unacknowledged.

What could be the reasons for these omissions? 

On the first anniversary of Ireland joining the ranks of countries fostering the culture of death Deacon Nick Donnelly asks what is stopping the Irish bishops from naming Enda Kenny’s role in legalising abortion. The scandal of this silence becomes more acute as a result of evasions over Dublin’s Mater Misericordiae University Hospital agreeing to co-operate with abortion and the prospect of other Catholic hospitals following suit. Deacon Nick notes that, there is the very real danger for the bishops that their prolonged silence will be interpreted as meaning something they don’t intend, such as, their acceptance of the political status quo about the legalisation of abortion.




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